Google Analytics provides great insights about your business. It helps marketers to find out who the typical visitors are, where they come from, or which pages are most appealing to average users. Those are interesting facts but all that data is historical. It only shows what has already happened in the past.'s Google Analytics Forecast Tool predicts future website traffic, conversions, and sales volumes.
Our Google Analytics Forecast tool is simple to use. Login with your Google Analytics account, select a view from one of your properties, and then choose between different forecasts.

Much more important and far-reaching though is information about the customer behavior in the future. It is now possible to foresee such data with our new Google Analytics Forecast Tool.

The most important predictive analytics for your daily business are forecasts for website visitors, conversions, and sales.

Website Traffic Forecast

An accurate website traffic forecast enables companies to predict future traffic efficiently. Forecasting future website traffic is a good initial starting point for measuring if your website’s visibility is aligned with your targeted number of visitors.

Conversion Forecast

A conversion forecast shows you how many visitors will convert into customers in the future. Alternatively, such a forecast also predicts if a desired action on your website is more or less likely to happen, for instance a demo request, newsletter sign up, or a social sharing.

Sales Forecast

Whereas a conversion prediction focuses on events and actions that customers make on your website, a sales forecast predicts the revenue that your customers are going to make. This helps you to quantify your sales volume in a certain time frame.

Read more about predictive sales forecasting in our post AI in Sales Forecasting – knowing the future is not just a dream anymore.

The Importance of Forecasting

Predicting future website traffic, conversions, and sales possesses many benefits that will help you to increase your overall performance. First of all, forecasting in general is a valuable approach to set realistic goals for your employees, departments, or the entire company. Simultaneously, it enables you to constantly screen the process and to track whether you achieve your objectives. 

Furthermore, especially sales forecast supports you in the demand and supply planning and the financial planning process. Consequently, it reduces additional costs. Besides decreasing your costs, forecasting automates the whole estimation process in general. You can also estimate the future performance of your individual products and react early to aberration by adjusting your marketing concept for example.

The described use cases are only a few examples of how you can benefit from forecasting with Google Analytics. Please note that we do not only provide such top level predictions. If you have an online shop and would like to use customer-level predictions to boost your sales, check out our services for the ecommerce sectors.

How Our Google Analytics Forecast Tool Works

Google Analytics collects website traffic, user events, and ecommerce information from your website or online shop in real-time. Based on this data, our tool forecasts your upcoming traffic, conversions, and sales volumes accurately. This helps you to plan and perform your daily business much more carefully.

By setting specific targets for your KPIs, you will be able to evaluate your progress and estimate the time you will need to reach individual KPI targets. For more information regarding our forecasting solutions, visit our detail page.

Our Google Analytics Forecast Tool only requires a single click to login and directly pulls data from your Google Analytics account.

We integrate into your Google Analytics account with only a single click and fetch your data from the Google Analytics API. We are not sharing this information with any third-party except for processing the data in the cloud. For more information, please see our terms of service and privacy policy.


Our forecasting solutions provide many different benefits and help you to increase the value of your Google Analytics data. The basic Google Analytics functionality only grants you a view into the past or what happens at the moment. By adding predictions, you can foresee the future and continue to be successful without spending weeks on your manual forecasting process. To sum up, our new free Google Analytics Forecast Tool shows you the future!

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