By the year 2016, more than 50 % of the high-performing marketing agencies were already focused on customer experience initiatives, building their marketing campaigns. This development evolved even more in the last two years. Customer journeys powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future we are heading to.

To profit from AI-driven customer experience the most, it is important for companies to go through the following steps first, before selecting appropriate AI solutions for their businesses.

Thoughtful Incorporation

At the beginning, it is essential for the management to take a deep look at the current corporate marketing efforts and see which parts of the customer journey are already working well. In his Forbes article, Greg Kihlstrom clearly describes how to do so.

During the review, the management can clearly recognize which parts may need an update to best meet the customer’s expectations.

Practical Applications

In the next step, the insights should be used to find the right software that makes the customer journey most pleasant for the customer and therefore more successful. In the following, we present a few examples and use cases.

AI for Key Step Identification

To know when a visitor will most likely be turned into a customer is decisive. With this information, AI can automatically post the right offer over the right channel to the right person and help the visitor to become a customer.

For a key step analysis, we, at, developed an AI-driven platform to provide our customers with various predictions. These predictions and insights help to recognize parts of the customer journey that have the biggest impact.

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AI Solutions for a Seamless Customer Experience

The customer expects a seamless customer experience at all channels and in real-time. Omnichannel retailing is the way companies have to take today. To do so successfully, it is important to understand the customer perfectly. AI-based marketing systems make this possible. So AI can lead the entire customer journey from the first click to the final purchase.

An individualized, personalized, and optimized customer journey makes it fast and easy for the customers to find the products they are looking for – no matter which channels they are using. Hence, AI makes it simple for companies to sell a good product.

AI for Individually Tailored Product Recommendations

AI-driven product recommendations based on big data and deep learning recognize unique user preferences.

Knowing those, AI can offer an exceptional out-of-the-box experience that helps the company not only to increase their income but also to win new loyal customers that enjoy buying products they didn’t know yet they like.


AI technology brings comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment into the buying experience. With AI, buying is becoming an adventure that is worth taking again and again because AI helps the customer to make the best decisions, to choose the right products, and to select the safest payment.

AI-driven customer journey is the future and you can start with it now.

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