AI is going to change the way companies will work in the future. It is already making a remarkable impact at various industries, especially in sales and marketing.

In the beginning, it was only a stunning idea of machines capable of thinking and making decisions on their own. It didn’t stay just an idea though. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed very fast in the last few years. Its potential is enormous and is going to change many industries in a positive way and the world we are living in. Salesforce’s State of Marketing predicts AI to grow at the highest speed among all marketing technologies over the next two years.

AI is an important topic for sales and marketing not only in the future but also today as it has made a critical difference for companies especially in the following three areas:

Predictive Lead Scoring with AI

Predictive lead scoring determines the criteria for a strong lead. With the help of AI, companies can create individually customized lead scoring models to adjust to a constantly changing market much easier and faster.

To make this possible, AI is:

  • analyzing a large amount of data collected by data-driven CRMs
  • supporting companies to develop more accurate and adaptable Lead Scoring models, step by step, based on machine learning and other technologies within AI
  • providing the management with additional support and helping the executives to make good decisions for the future

If the sales forces know their strongest leads, they will be able to focus their efforts on the most promising clients to close better deals in short time.

Lead Scoring is quite similar to churn and conversion prediction. You can find more on machine learning and the idea of Lead Scoring on our blog under: Speed up your sales process with predictive churn scores

Sales Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence

Sales forecasting enables companies to estimate their future sales. Having a precise sales forecast helps the management to develop good business plans.

With AI for sales forecasting, the companies benefit from:

  • efficient resource sharing,
  • accurate revenue prediction,
  • high-performing sales teams
  • proficient future planning

Aberdeen Group found out that companies using sales forecasts are about 10% more likely to grow their yearly revenue continually.

Lead Scoring looks at your customers from a micro perspective and sales forecasting provides a macro perspective on your customer base. At, we offer Google Analytics Traffic and Conversion Forecasting to make the first step towards predicting future user behavior.

Google Analytics Traffic and Conversion Forecasting by Get a traffic or conversion forecast for the next weeks with only a few clicks.

Relevant Customer Experience with AI-based-tools

According to Gartner, an estimated 85% of usual customer interactions will occur without a human by 2020. Using AI, companies can provide a smart and resourceful customer experience at any time. The customer journey will become more personal and more natural in the digital world.

AI in sales offers companies:

  • extensive customer service using chatbots and virtual assistants
  • predictive personalization by Zero-Click-Communication
  • the probability of future behaviors by Predictive Analytics

AI as a virtual persona, can understand, remember and respond to customers’ interactions anticipating customer needs. In this way AI enhances the customer journey and supports a good and stable customer relationship.


AI has already become an important tool for sales and it is going to be even more critical in the future. Therefore, it is essential for companies to invest in AI-based predictions today, to be able to grow and understand their customers much better tomorrow.

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Photo by Michael Prewett on Unsplash