The case study at hand shows how we saved Voog about one hour of their daily work by using our churn prediction.

Voog is a website building tool that helps their users to create beautiful websites without requiring any coding skills. They are an Estonian company and have customers all over the world. Besides the toolbox for websites, Voog also provides APIs and templates to customize websites. Voog continuously works on optimizing their customer experience at all stages. One of these stages is the subscription signup, as we will describe in the following.

The Environment

Voog has a variety of marketing tools in place. The tracking is done by Segment. This allows Voog to forward the tracking information to Mixpanel, their campaign management tool, as well as to, their AI-based marketing assistant. They also use Pipedrive as CRM which is enriched manually with data from Mixpanel and

Voog uses two different approaches for customer outreaches. On the one hand, emails are being sent and on the other hand, telephone calls are being made. Clearly, outreaches via phone are way more time consuming and pre-qualifying the users that receive a call can save a lot of time every day.

A call consumes a fair amount of an employee’s time and only a single call can be made at a time. For that reason, Voog wants to answer the following question:

Which users are more or less likely to churn after the 30-day trial?

To answer this question, provides an automatically segmented list of users to Voog. This list gives for all users a score indicating their churn probability after a 30-day trial. This reduces the time spent in analytics tools of Voog’s marketing team and also helps them to focus on the most valuable users.

I’m saving about one hour every day with the pre-qualified segments” — Mathias-Erik Tempel, General Manager at Voog

Voog makes use of our Segment integration which allows them to enrich their user information with the output of our algorithms. Voog defines a tag for the potential churning segment and takes care of passing this information back to Segment. By using Segment, several tools can make use of the predicted behavior at the same time. All of this happens completely automated in a daily manner and applies to new as well as existing Voog users. By using our automated segmentation, the marketing team does not have to do any segmentation in Mixpanel anymore but can instead focus on other marketing activities.


To give you a better understanding how big the impact is, think about the effort of finding potential customers every day. Keep in mind that the window for customer outreaches is limited. Once the window for an outreach closes, it becomes really hard to convert a user to a subscriber.

We reduced the complexity of the entire process by segmenting and qualifying users, and making this information easily accessible to different marketing tools.

Today, Voog logs into Mixpanel and accesses the list of pre-qualified users. Then, they either call the customers or let the email marketing automation do the work. Voog saves on a daily basis about one hour of work.

In a nutshell, Voog does not miss new opportunities anymore and users are now automatically engaged based on their churn propensity. To express this more accurate in numbers, the response towards emails for different groups of users is as follows:

  • users with a low probability to churn have open rates about 34%
  • users with a medium probability to churn have open rates about 21%
  • users with a high probability to churn have open rates about 15%

Therefore, Voog now knows in advance which users will be responsive to their marketing efforts. And on which user they should spend a bigger effort so that it is worth investing the time.

Next Steps

Our next step is creating a Pipedrive integration so that every user can be marked in the CRM directly. We are working on a feedback loop already that will provide with the information on how a sales call worked out. Having this information in place, Mixpanel’s campaign automation can be replaced by an email service that allows accessing open rates via an API or a webhook more easily. Here, potential candidates are Sendgrid and Mailgun where integrations already exist. This will not only help our algorithms to improve but also help Voog to get more options to act proactively in fighting churn and improving retention.

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