We were delighted to host the third meeting of the ENVISAGE project in Cologne last week. The meeting took place in the facilities of the Solution Space where goedle.io currently has their headquarters. The meeting discussed the progress of the project and planned the next milestones on the way to developing an authoring tool that will allow teachers to dynamically adapt the content of virtual labs.

A Chord Diagram describing transition frequencies between the states in the Wind Energy Simulation. This visualization allows teachers to inspect for example the interaction patterns of a class. Thanks to Christoffer Holmgård for providing the nice visualization.

A first step towards this challenging goal is to develop a learning analytics platform that allows teachers to understand the learning progress of their students. Whenever a data-driven solution is desired, a sufficient amount of data has to be collected in the very first step. Here, the GoLab Wind Energy Simulation presents the first test bed for all activities. This lab is already being used in different schools, for example, at the Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA). After obtaining the first anonymous user data from the lab, the consortium has started to apply ideas from game analytics to this data. This development is lead by the University of Malta (UoM) and the first results are depicted in the figure on the right. In the future, it is planned to extend the current analytics and to apply machine learning algorithms to the data. This will not only describe the learning behavior of students but also allow personalizing the content to their individual needs.

We are currently investigating different options to integrate our prototypes into existing learning management systems (LMS). Not only existing platforms — such as Moodle — look promising and provide an eco-system for plugins and extensions. Other content management systems — such as WordPress — allow designing systems around the topic of educational learning as well. In other settings, LMS’ are built in-house and we aim at providing open APIs and services so that the technology is accessible to those systems as well.

While our first attempts focus on high school students and rely on a close collaboration with the teachers from EA, we envision to bring the same solutions to other learning environments in the future as well. For example, exam preparations at universities and colleges, language learning apps, or e-learning platforms to train staff at larger corporates.

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We thank all project partners (AAU, CERTH, EA, UoM) involved for their ideas, feedback, and resources.