As a marketer, one of the greatest challenges you face is deciding which digital channels are the most effective for engaging with your users. It is a difficult task to grab the attention of your users, which is why many marketing strategies utilise numerous digital channels to ensure your brand’s message is heard.

Two popular methods for communicating with users are email and push notifications. Push notifications have seen a recent rise in popularity, especially with the introduction of ‘rich push’ in the iOS 10 update. Email marketing is perhaps the most popular digital marketing channel, and it is certainly the oldest method for communicating with users digitally. Both channels have their strengths, and understanding how you can best utilise them to interact with your users is vital for the success of your marketing strategy.

The Strengths of Email Marketing

Although some marketers view email as old fashioned, it remains a powerful channel which can be used to communicate directly with your users. We commonly see marketers using email to alert users of sign-ups, product updates, sales, offers, and weekly newsletters. Emails don’t always reach customers right away, which is why these marketing interactions, which are not time-sensitive, are perfect to distribute via email.

Although emails generally have a low average open rate,  regular scheduled emails, such as a weekly newsletter, are one of the most effective ways to deliver quality content to your users and build trust. Sophisticated email marketers will also analyse which users interact most with the different types of emails and segment their users accordingly, so they can ensure that their marketing interactions remain personalized for their users.

A user’s inbox is one of the rare spaces on the internet which has little additional distraction. Your email marketing campaigns will only be fighting with other emails for your user’s attention, be them from competitors or otherwise. This means that your interaction has a good chance to resonate with your users, providing that you have a solid campaign. You can also control the level of user engagement which is available in your email interactions by adding compelling personalized content and interesting visuals.

Email is one of the most popular channels for digital marketing as it is very cost effective. On average, companies see a ROI of $38 USD for every $1 USD spent on their marketing strategy. Once a user has subscribed to your mailing list they rarely opt out, as long as you are delivering quality content to them on a regular basis. To ensure that you are sending a message which resonates with your users, can analyse your campaigns and provide you with helpful tips on how to improve them.


Measuring the success of your campaigns is critical for a successful marketing strategy
Measuring the success of your campaigns is critical for a successful marketing strategy

How do Push Notifications differ from Email?

Unlike emails, a push notification immediately engages a user, as the interaction is delivered to a user’s personal device, be that their mobile phone or their tablet. As a push notification is delivered instantly to your users, the timing of your interaction matters much more.

If you were to deploy a campaign to a segment of users at an inaccessible time alerting them of a flash sale then you will likely see a low ROI. This campaign, even if it not viewed immediately by your users, will remain on their lock screen until they next look at their device, meaning that it is likely they will receive your interaction. Push notifications offer the ability to deep link to specific sections of your app, allowing your users to directly engage with a specific section of your product.

As push notifications can only deliver a limited amount of information to users, it is important that you deliver focused, targeted information in them, conveying your message directly.

Push notifications generally have a very high average open rate, meaning that your users will have a strong chance of being engaged with your mobile marketing interactions. They also have a lower cost than email marketing campaignsmeaning that your overall ROI has the potential to be high, providing that you have strong campaigns.

Some marketers only utilise push notification campaigns to attempt to re-engage their inactive users, but push can also be used to alert users of sales, product updates, or social interactions. With the introduction of ‘rich push’ in iOS10, marketers now have the capability to add images and gifs to their push campaigns. Sophisticated marketers will utilise rich push wisely, ensuring that their push campaigns are both engaging and delivering unique content to their users.

Optimizing your Marketing Channels

Knowing which channel is appropriate for your latest marketing campaign is critical. The channel which you choose to use may depend on the type of business you are marketing for. If you have a company without an app then you will likely focus on email marketing campaigns. If you do have an app, then you may see more success by deploying push notification campaigns to your users than you would with email.

Understanding which marketing interactions work best with your users is vital for the success of your marketing strategy. can monitor both your email and push notification campaigns, and provide you with helpful insights about which of your campaigns are the most successful. We also provide you with tips on how to improve your marketing campaigns, helping you to your end goal of creating the perfect marketing interactions.

If you are interested in how we can assist your marketing campaigns, or you are looking to segment your users into easily manageable groups then get in touch with us or schedule a demo now!