We attended the App Strategy Workshop and B2B Meetup in Berlin for some valuable insights on the industry

At goedle.io we often enjoy networking the old fashioned way, offline and face-to-face. Of course, networking via online outlets can be an extremely efficient and insightful practice, but it doesn’t quite match up with the connections you make when you are face-to-face. Attending workshops or meetups will guarantee you essential industry insights and views and can garner useful contacts for your company (along with the stack of business cards you are sure to receive).

Thursday 29th September was a busy day for networking at goedle.io. First stop on our list of events was a mobile marketing workshop held at Kalkscheune, in Berlin, Germany. The event was hosted by App Strategy Workshops, a non-profit global organization which supports creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The workshop was opened by a panel of various influencers from across the mobile marketing landscape, each sharing their ideas on how important it is to ensure that you engage your users. One particularly interesting aspect of the workshop was a panel discussion regarding the ever-present ‘Freemium’ business model which the majority of apps now employ. The focal point of the discussion revolved around retention, more specifically the dramatic effect which it can have on your business’ revenue if you can increase your retention rates. This was very beneficial for our team and it aligns with the the core values of our current product – utilising churn prediction so your business increases retention.

Following on from the workshop at Kalkscheune was a B2B meetup hosted by the B2B Berlin group at Infosys Innovation Fabrik. This unique event aims at bringing people in the Berlin business ecosystem closer together and provides a platform for interesting entrepreneurs to share their ideas and pitch their innovative products to their colleagues. There were a variety of interesting pitches at the event, one of which was lead by Marcel Hollerbach, Head of Business Development at Berlin based SaaS company Productsup. Marcel discussed how Productsup provides their users with a cloud-based software which optimizes large amounts of product data for the multi-feed management of e-commerce companies. Marcel raised an interesting point regarding the necessity for simplifying data to make your marketers’ life easier so that they can focus on impactful campaigns instead. Another speaker who impressed us at the meetup was Mikko Alasaarela, Founder and CEO of Inbot, a company which combines artificial intelligence with human assistance to ensure that your company’s’ sales bureaucracy is taken care of. Also present at the event was Lars Grammel, Head of European R&D at Trifacta, a company which has created a product which significantly enhances the value of an enterprise’s big data. This is possible by enabling their users to easily transform and enrich raw, complex data into clean and structured formats for analysis with self-service data preparation.

The final speaker at the event was our very own Fabian Hadiji, CEO of goedle.io, who was invited to discuss our product. Fabian’s talk included an overview of how our product works, which evoked stimulating discussion between the attendees. Fabian then discussed the importance of retention for apps and the bearing which it has on their overall revenue. Retention is a KPI which is often overlooked when analysing the performance of a business and we stressed that you can increase your revenue drastically if you increase your retention rates by just 5%. Similar to the presentation from Marcel Hollerbach, there was a focal point on marketing automation in our presentation, specifically the way in which we can assist you in your marketing campaigns with our machine learning algorithms. These cutting edge algorithms identify users who are likely to churn from your product and enable us to then deploy personalized targeted marketing campaigns to retain them. The presentation was well received by the audience, who were then invited to ask any questions or intriguing points which they had regarding the future of machine learning and the current ecosystem. This contributed to the healthy, intriguing discussion which was taking place regarding artificial intelligence and demonstrated the current buzz surrounding this topic. Our team benefitted greatly from this networking event, not only as we got to check out what is happening currently in the Berlin ecosystem but it also helped us to understand the particular points of interest regarding our product and how to move forward with our further developments.

If you missed us at any of the networking events, or would like to know more about our product then please contact us or schedule a demo with goedle.io!