We attended the DMEXCO 2016 conference to find out the latest developments in the Global Digital Economy

DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference) combines a world leading trade fair for digital platforms with a spectacular conference marking it as the sector’s top event of the year. The event took place on 15th-16th September at Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany and welcomed over 50,000 attendees including the goedle.io team. Attending DMEXCO presents companies with vital business opportunities regardless of their size. If you own a startup or a corporate business then you can make valuable new contacts through networking, discuss business ideas and even conclude business deals. The conference also hosts a wide range of leading speakers from across the business world. Some key speakers at the event included Tim Armstrong – Chairman and CEO of AOL, Stephen Allan – Chairman and CEO of MediaCom Worldwide and Chris Cox – CPO of Facebook who were discussing their ideas on the current state of the digital landscape.

Photo by dmexco.de

Photo by dmexco.de

There were a plethora of new products and ideas showcased at DMEXCO but we noticed that there were some key trends on display. One of these was the focus on the ‘customer journey’ – the way in which a customer is affected, positively or negatively, by using your product and engaging with your company. As the digital landscape becomes more and more competitive it is essential that a business looks after their customers and caters to their specific needs by whatever means possible. Businesses can tap into the customer journey effectively and efficiently by incorporating targeted marketing into their marketing strategy and utilising another prominent feature of DMEXCO 2016, Multi-Channel Communication. Multi-Channel Communication allows marketers to interact with their customers on a variety of different platforms. This would allow a company to alert their users about a new update via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at the same time which will increase the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

Another prominent feature on show at the DMEXCO 2016 conference was the use of predictive analytics. We are now in a heightened technological age and businesses have learnt that they can employ predictive analytics to increase the effectivity of their work. Predictive analytics works by analysing a users previous behaviour to predict how they will engage with a given product in the future. One example of how predictive analytics can be utilised is predicting when a user will churn – this can be done by looking at their product usage and will allow marketers to tackle this issue before it is too late. This also ties in with another feature which was prominent during the DMEXCO conference, marketing automation. Marketing automation refers to a software / product which allows your marketing department to be more effective with their campaigns whilst increasing ease of use.

Overall, DMEXCO 2016 proved to be a valuable experience for the goedle.io team. It was a very interesting couple of days for us and gave us a lot of confidence knowing that our product incorporates the most prominent and cutting edge technology on the market. goedle.io provide our customers with predictive analytics and marketing automation making life easier for their businesses. We also reaped the benefits of the networking opportunities available at the conference and have made important connections which will help us greatly as we move forward as a company.

If you want to know more about goedle.io and our product get in touch, we will be happy to discuss how we can help your business!