The team look back at their recent Demo Day as part of their program with Techstars in Berlin.

As is part of the Techstars startup accelerator the team were invited to an Investor Demo Day with the rest of Berlin’s Class of 2016. During the event angel investors and venture capitalists had the opportunity to check out the new products and listen to the respective company’s inaugural product pitch. The Demo Day for Berlin’s Class of 2016 took place on September 6th 2016 at the Kino International in Berlin with over 300 attendees all ready to witness the extensive progress made by the companies whilst partaking in the program. Other attendees at this Demo Day included contellio, Mimo, lengoo, Kisura, mobiag, Pallenter, Raklet, Funeria and Riemann who were also part of the second iteration of Berlin’s Techstars program.

The Demo Day was opened with a general overview of the Techstars accelerator. Rob Johnson, Managing Director of Techstars Berlin, introduced the Demo Day with a discussion about the relevance of Berlin in the ever expanding startup scene and explained how the city is ideal for young tech companies. Greg Rogers, Managing Director of Techstars, also spoke at the event and relayed the importance that Techstars place on investing in technology companies which they believe have the potential for national / worldwide reach.

Each startup was given a brief introduction by a guest speaker prior to their presentation. were delighted to have their presentation introduced by Christian Thurau, Co-founder of the tech startup twentybn, who provided a strong introduction on the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are truly thankful for Christian’s involvement with and his continuous support with our projects!

Fabian Hadiji, CEO of, then took to the stage for the inaugural product pitch with great success. Fabian demonstrated the capabilities of the outsourced marketing AI analyst which have created to help customers increase their app retention. The product achieves this goal by interacting with mobile users in a more efficient manner with minimal effort from the user. A company which have found great success with using’s product is the animated messaging app Zoobe. Included in the presentation was a case study featuring Zoobe who, thanks to, have seen a 64% increase in Day 15 retention for their product. 

After the successful demonstration there was the opportunity to network with other companies involved in the accelerator. Angel investors and venture capitalists attending the event were also invited to network with the companies and were given the chance to check out the exciting technology on display for themselves. The team at have reaped the benefits from this event and are looking forward to the follow-up meetings over the next couple of weeks.


Demoday Group

Image by Brian Daly


I spoke with Fabian Hadiji after the Demo Day to find out his opinions on how the event went :

A: What did it feel like to present your product in front of both your colleagues and investors?

F: It was a very interesting experience as it was important to ensure I was combining a strong, clear message about the product yet making sure that everybody is on the same page with what we are doing. Since we have a fairly technical product it is a challenge to explain everything in the allotted time, especially as this is a B2B product with quite a specific niche.

A: What kind of preparation went on prior to Demo Day?

F: There was a lot of preparation put in prior to Demo Day. Techstars helped out quite a lot with this – the last two weeks of the program were dominated by preparation for the demo day. For example, we had several pitch practices, full run throughs of the presentation and even an acting coach to ensure we were ready for the event. In addition to this, we also had our own designated designers come in to the office to ensure our presentation slides were at the highest quality available. I have given talks prior when I was involved in research but this is a completely different environment. Talking about a product when there are investors present creates a new dynamic but it is a challenge I welcome for the future.

A: In reflection do you feel that the Demo Day went well?

F: I think it’s always difficult to estimate one’s own performance. I can say with certainty that the vast amount of preparation was apparent, both in the presentation slides and the demonstration its self. You rarely get the opportunity to pitch your product to so many interested listeners and as such it can certainly be seen as a very valuable experience which adds worth to spending so much time on the preparations.

A: What are the next steps for after finishing the Techstars program?

F: We will continue with the work that we were undertaking during the program and ensure that there is continued development of the product we have created. We have also recently secured an office in Berlin which will allow us to continue developing the relationship we have with some of our current customers based in the city. After our demonstration we received a lot of valuable feedback so I’m looking forward to seeing where we can take it from here.

As draw to the end of their time in Berlin with Techstars we would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to the people who have supported us during the past few months. Everybody involved in the Techstars program was extremely helpful but we would like to give special thanks to Rob Johnson, Kyla Moss, Chris Knappick, Matthaus Krzykowski, Jan Wilmking and the associates of the program for their continuous support.