While running through Techstars Berlin, we were just recently reminded by our fellow colleagues of our product video that was used in our application. We then had a look at the video again and were half embarrassed, half amused. We thought it might be worthwhile sharing our video with you and briefly describe how we ended up creating the video. Let’s have a look behind the scenes and let’s show you how we made a product video without a camera in less than 24h but including Ari Gold and a large amount of caffeine-containing drinks.

While our Techstars application was prepared under certain time constraints — probably like all applications by all startups — we reminded ourselves of this year’s LAUNCH Festival. Back in March, Alexander Mimran was giving a talk “Minbox: Guerilla video for startups“. In his talk, he described how the team at Minbox created their product videos based on available audio and video data on the web. For great examples, watch “Minbox – The New Standard In File Sharing” or “The new Minbox”.

Inspired by their videos, we also looked a bit online and found some video snippets well suited for our product video. Combined with some screencasting of our own product, we submitted the following video in our Techstars application:



Certainly, our video is not as awesome as the Minbox one’s but we a had a lot of fun creating it and did not spend any money or too much time on it.

So, please don’t feel offended and don’t sue us for copyright infringement!


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