“After the goedle.io team showed us how Segment works, it was a no-brainer to implement it. It saved us a plethora of redundancy in our SDK jungle and enabled us to activate goedle.io’s engagement reports with one simple click.”
Milos, Senior Android Developer of UnderCovers

In the past, many of our customers approached us with one simple question, namely how to connect their data with our service – and please quickly and uncomplicated. With this precept in mind, we have developed an integration for Segment to basically turn goedle.io into a one-click solution. To outline the process, we will demonstrate how our friends from UnderCovers integrated our Machine Learning API and what they consume it for.


Some background info: with the emergence of sophisticated meta-aggregator services such as Segment, apps now have the possibility to replace their SDK stack with a sophisticated hub. The concept is trivial but elegant: track events once and distribute accordingly. With the vast amount of integrations supported by Segment, we can only emphasize the value of using such services, especially considering the amount of time app that developers have to allocate for the tiresome SDK integration, configuration, and setup.

segment.com integrations

Integrations at segment.com

As mentioned earlier, the first step is to replace your presently used SDKs with the corresponding Segment SDK. Let’s do this hands-on. The UnderCovers app is constructed of multiple views and items for couples to find their sexual preferences. The precept of privacy is a vital issue in this app which is why UnderCovers solely analyses telemetric behavior of their users and does not collect any kind of personally identifiable information. Their core objective by consuming goedle.io‘s insights is to learn a great deal more about their diverging types of engaged micro-segments.

“Akin to the so-called “magic number” of Twitter, goedle.io’s engagement reports helped me finally understand how our loyal users look like.”
Jan, Co-Founder of UnderCovers

Undercovers App Screenshots

The Undercovers App: the tracking object with and without a tracking value (ID)

To obtain these insights, we usually select a handpicked amount of tracking points with our customers. Let us give you a quick walk-through of how UnderCovers set up their data stream to Segment and subsequently to goedle.io based on two different event types. UnderCovers is currently offered for Android devices which is why we will showcase an exemplary Android implementation of the Segment tracking SDK. First things first: initiate the Segment library in your application class.

private String writeKey = "<the_Segment_write_key>";
    public void onCreate() {
        Analytics analytics = new Analytics.Builder(getApplicationContext(), writeKey).build();
Initiate the Segment library

Depending on the view or feature which should be captured, you have the possibility to add a value to the tracking object. This comes in handy for content-based apps. Sexual preferences obviously need an ID and can be either liked or disliked by the user:

String event = "choose.yes";
Analytics.with(getApplicationContext()).track(event).putValue("event_id", "4815162342")
Track events with IDs

To track views or actions within the app which aren’t dependent on an ID, one can simply use this code:

String event = "connect.invitation";
Track events without IDs

After setting up your tracking framework, you are almost done. Now, you simply have to log-in to your Segment dashboard and activate the services which you want to forward events to. Amongst them, you will find goedle.io. By the way, in case you want to learn more about how to set up Segment events, you will find further short and concise examples of how to set up the specific tracking points in their library documentations.

activating goedle.io in segment

Activating goedle.io in the Segment interface

Moving forward

That’s it! With this blog post we demonstrated how easy it is to use goedle.io with the help of event aggregators such as Segment. If you are also keen to learn how to set up goedle.io in the utterly most simple way and understand more about your app users, feel free to check out our integration section. Also, if you are burning to give Segment a try please also get in touch with us and grab hold of a 3 months trial.

goedle.io Engagement Reports

An exemplary goedle.io engagement report