In order to get a better understanding of Germany’s app market, we analyzed more than 2,000 Android apps from Germany. In the first place, we asked ourselves if any other noteworthy app hotspots exist besides the allmighty Berlin? And if they do: Where are they?

Mobile Apps in Germany

Distribution of Mobile Apps in Germany. The darker, the more.

We actually found that Bavaria contributes the most apps to our dataset with 21.8%, obviously with a strong focus on Munich. North Rhine-Westphalia, being Germany’s most populous federal state, ranks second with 16.1%. These findings even align well with Bavaria’s and NRW’s contributions to Germany’s overall gross domestic product where both states contribute the most.

While Berlin has not always been recognized for outstanding economical productivity, its contribution to the German mobile sector is enormous. In relative numbers, Berlin contributes 14% of all apps. Normalizing the number of mobile apps by the the population, we see that Berlin has the top rank by far. Nevertheless, this is not too surprising, since Berlin’s startup community is well known. In that respect, Hamburg is also an interesting cluster for mobile apps. While the total number of apps is only about 4.3%, Hamburg requires much fewer citizens to produce these.

Take a closer look and have a glimpse at our interactive map with the overall distribution over Germany’s federals states here:

App Clusters in NRW

App Clusters in NRW.

As noted above, apps from Bavaria are typically found in and around the metropolitan area of Munich. Looking at North Rhine-Westphalia’s apps, the spatial distribution is slightly more interesting. For that reason, we applied a novel clustering algorithm, HDBSCAN, to the datapoints in that region to emphasize the city clusters. If you look closely, you will see app clusters cluttered around metropolitan areas, such as Cologne, Duesseldorf, Dortmund or Bielefeld.

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